The family running of the restaurant fosters a friendly relationship with the guests and guarantees genuine dishes which combine the Sicilian tradition with innovative ideas of cuisine.

The twin chefs Peraino, helped by an up-to-date staff, are a guarantee of professionalism, respect for the raw materials and care for details. All of this makes the Tannure Restaurant one of the best of the area.

Ristorante Tannure San Vito Lo Capo -

The love for cooking came from the enthusiasm of Mamma Vincenza, who ‘incocciava’ (prepared) the cous cous with passion and meticulousness, made fresh pasta and elevated every dish with delicious fragrances and flavours.
Today, with the same enthusiasm and love the best ingredients are selected every day and authentic dishes to be both tasted and seen are created.
So, flavours, fragrances and colours will be mixed with unforgettable memories of your stay in San Vito Lo Capo.

A must:
Sanvito-way Cous Cous with Mixed Fry
Tuna Fish Tagliata

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and/or on special occasions. Advance booking is preferred. Phone 0923-974240